Interface2012-14 is a dala project in partnership with the Goethe Institut South Africa, which engages with 7 international and 1 South African established artists to set up a process to develop a conceptual methodology, which comprises of dialogues and long term objectives to explore alternative possibilities of planning for the future city of Durban and South Africa. Emerging out of dala’s CityWalk Initiative, this is an unprecedented architectural / artistic intervention in Durban’s urban setting. This project forms part of an innovative process and is strategically positioned as a creative tool aimed at conscientising civil society and creatively engaging the urban. These initiatives are focused on an effort to unearth equitable socio-spatial solutions. Whilst developing alternative bottom-up ways of better understanding public spaces, Interface2012-14 will comprise of a diverse platform of presentations.






Aug  3rd + 4th + 5th + 6th

STARTS 11 00h in front of Pick n’ Pay store inside Berea Shopping Centre  [google map]

ENDS 13 00h at Little Gujarat Restaurant  [google map]

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